Visual Studio .NET

Visual Studio .NET

Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Filter for Outlook msg Files

Here is a filter for *.msg files (saved from Outlook in unicode format). The source code
is in C++ and compiles under Visual Studio 2008. It enables *.msg files to be indexed
and then searched using Window SharePoint Services 3.0. A VB script is included that
can automatically register the filter with Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSS 3.0).
This filter is based on the FilterSample project from the Windows SDK 6.1.

Save e-mail messages

CRC Calculation

Here is a very simple Visual Studio 2005 C++ project to calculate the 32 bit CRC for
a given file. It supports files larger than 4 GB. Be aware that *.iso files typically include
the CRC value in the last four bytes. This means that the CRC calculated for such a file
will always be 0xFFFFFFFF. For example, the download page for:

    Windows SDK 6.1 for Windows Server 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5

indicates that the CRC for the download is 0x812A81E3. However, because the last
four bytes of the file are E3 81 2A 81 then CRC.exe will actually return 0xFFFFFFFF
for a successfully downloaded file. This is sometimes referred to as an "AutoCRC" for
an ISO file.

ILSpy Plugin to Sort the Assembly List

Here is a simple plugin for ILSpy that adds a menu command to sort the current
assembly list alphabetically.

    Source Code

Copy Alphabetize.Plugin.dll to the same folder as ILSpy.exe. A sort button will be
automatically added to the tool bar and to the View pull-down menu. Note that this
was compiled against ILSpy version under Windows 7. The older version
compiled against ILSpy version is here and the source code is here. And
the older version compiled against ILSpy version is here and the source
code is here.

Screenshot of ILSpy with the sort button visible on the tool bar


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