1903 California specifications

Not a very common machine in Australia, but there are a few similar surviviors in the US. Although my machine has been mucked around with over the years, the original specs were:

Engine: 1 1/2 hp California, Patented R.C. Marks Sept 30, 1902
Lubrication: Oil in separate cup on top of motor
Ignition: Batteries in box above rear wheel, with "Dow-Port" coil in tank
Carburettor: California patented wick carburettor in front of tank
Transmission: Direct belt
Frame: Cycle type, with leading link fork
Wheels: Wooden rims for 28x1 1/2 "singles" type tyres
Brakes: Atherton coaster rear, Duck roller brake at front
Tanks: Single tank for fuel, also holding coil and carburettor.
Builder: California Motor Company, 2212 Folsom St, San Francisco
Original Finish: Black frame and tank? Wheel rims with blue centres

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