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LAC Grimmett When I received my call -up for the Air Force I was posted to Victor Harbor when the RAAF had a school for incoming aircrew situated at Mt Breckan. I was now L.A.C.Vic Grimmett (Right)
Here you did a series of courses such as engines, airframes, morse code, aircraft recognition etc. not to mention the PT and regular marches down to the town.
Even though I did not do very well at college I must have done something right at Victor, because I was selected as possible pilot material.
I then went to Parafield where I trained on Tiger Moths. Again successful and not scrubbed as yet I was posted to Deniliquin in N.S.W.
Here I trained on the Australian Wirraway, including bombing and firing the gun which actually fired through the propellor.When the course was completed I was awarded my wings and in addition a commission. I was now Pilot Officer V.C.Grimmett. The photograph below shows a group of successful pilots on the station at Deniliquin (I am centre front) outside the carriage before boarding for Adelaide.After a few days of leave we were posted toEngland not knowing if we would be flying fighters or bombers.
When I heard that the next aircraft I would be training on would be the twin engine Oxford I knew it was bombers for me.

Leaving Deniliquin The station I was posted to was Weston on theGreen where I trained on Oxfords. After 100 hours I passed, the only fault, as my log book shows, "Puts down flaps while turning"
My next stop was RAF Station Worksop where I would advance onto a heavy twin engine aircraft ...the Wellington.It was at this station I selected my five crew members, the sixth would be picked up when I went onto four engine bombers. After nearly 50 hours I was posted to 1662 Heavy Conversion Unit at Blyton After only 40 hours I was then sent to the No 1 Lancaster Finishing school at Hemswell.
This was only a short stay before being posted to a squadron, but it did provide one of my more exciting times, doing a wheels-up landing. The squadron I was posted to was 460 Squadron R.A.A.F. located at Binbrook in Lincolnshire, where I did a tour of 31 operations over Europe.
Belly Landing The crew said the belly landing I did in the Lancaster, right, was the best landing I ever did, although when they all got out and ran away from the aircraft as fast as they could, just in case it blew up, they may have thought differently

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