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This page is for information only, as we no longer sell large C Band dishes because of possible interference from 5G Phone Towers

You will find - Movies - News - Sport - Documentaries - Entertainment - and much more.
Listed here is a list of TV & Radio stations, which are presently available to anyone with a domestic satellite system.

There are basically two different types of systems available, both include a HD Receiver

Motorized System Fixed System

In either case, the recommended dish for reception of Free To Air Satellite Channels in Australia is the Extra Heavy Duty 2.3mtr , and may be wall, roof, or ground mounted. 
The signals are received by the Satellite Dish, then amplified, and sent by cables to a High Definition Digital Receiver, which has its own remote to change channels.  
Once you have your own system, you do not pay any subscriptions for the channels you are watching, however the broadcasters may if they wish, change, delete or add channels & programs at any time.                                                                                 
All of our systems come with a one year warranty, covering equipment & workmanship

Listed here are SOME of the 380+ Digital Channels available with the motorized system.

  • LOTUS - Classic English Blockbuster Movies* (Chinese subtitles)
  • C SPAN - Documentaries and News from America*
  • I24 NEWS - English News & Documentaries*
  • EURONEWS - Documentaries and News in English*
  • MTV - Music Videos*
  • LUXE TV - Travel Show*
  • SPORTS CHANNELS - Two Channels  (Arabic / English*)
  • FUEL TV - Extreme Sports*
  • BALI - News and Variety Shows from the Pacific
  • KNOWLEDGE - Education*
  • CHANNEL V - Music Videos* 
  • FASHION TV - Fashion Channel*
  • SONLIFE - Christian*
  • THE WORD NETWORK - Christian*
  • DAYSTAR - Christian*
  • INDONESIAN - Many Channels
  • SOMALIAN - News & Documentaries
  • EWTN - Catholic Television & Movies* 
  • RAI  INTERNATIONAL - Italian Movies, Entertainment & Shows
  • NHK - HD Documentaries and News in Japanese or English*
  • CNA - Channel News Asia*
  • BVN - Dutch
  • DW - German & English* (two 24hr channels)
  • FRENCH TV - Variety and Movies
  • FRANCE 24 - European news in French & English*
  • AL JAZEER - News & Documentaries*
  • TVE - Spanish
  • PTV - Pakistan many channels
  • RUSSIA TODAY -  News & Documentaries in English*
  • RUSSIAN - Three Channels
  • SOUTH KOREAN - Documentaries and Variety shows*
  • NORTH KOREA - Government channel
  • THAILAND - Many Channels
  • TVB 8 - Hong Kong
  • ARABIC - Many Channels some in English*
  • CHINESE - Over 60 Channels & some in English*
  • MACAU - Four channels including Racing in Chinese / English*
  • INDIAN  - Many Channels some in English, some in HD*
  • RPTI - Portugese
  • VIETNAMESE - Many Channels, some in HD
  • VARIOUS  RADIO MUSIC  CHANNELS* - (Currently 80+ available)

Channels marked above with * are either part or fully  "English"  speaking channels. 

A Fixed Dish will give you access to some of the Channels listed above,
or a Motorized System will give you all 'visible' Satellites and Channels.
A site survey, free in the Adelaide metropolitan area, would be required to determine the exact cost, and suitability. 

Free To Air Satellite Services are suppliers and installers of satellite equipment, and cannot be held responsible for changes made by broadcasters or satellite providers.

If you have any questions about free to air satellite television, please contact us by phone on 0414 885 982 or via ftass@senet.com.au.


Tony Drexel

Phone 0414 885 982

Email: ftass@senet.com.au 

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