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Leonardo da Vinci Lodge

No. 238 in the Register of the Grand Lodge of 
South Australia and the Northern Territory

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flag March 2011  - An historic 'Skype' Masonic Conference was held on Saturday 12th March 2011
between Leonardo Da Vinci Lodge No. 238, South Australia and Northern Territory Constitution
and Lodge Cavour No. 858, based in Torino Italy and a member of the Grand Orient of Italy.
The conference was organised by Worshipful Brother Dario Priori at the Adelaide end, and Brother Elio Strobietto at the Torino end.
Also in attendance representing our Grand Lodge were the Grand Master, Ray Clark, Deputy Grand Master Bob Parsons and Grand Secretary Malcolm Colegate. Greetings were exchanged between the Worshipful Master of Leonardo Da Vinci Lodge, Worshipful Brother Tony Salerno and the Worshipful Master of Lodge Cavour, Worshipful Brother Enzo Bruna.
March 2011 international Skype conversation 
Pictured left to right: Malcolm Colegate, Bob Parsons, Ray Clark and Dario Priori. On the screen at the right are the live pictures showing the Italian brethren in their Lodge room.
March 2011 international Skype conversation
 Pictured: the South Australian brethren.
flag November 2005  - the Lodge works the opening and closing ceremonies of the Symbolic Italian Rite in English translation at the Installation meeting, in the presence of the MW Grand Master and Officers of Grand Lodge, as well as brethren from interstate.
September 2002  -
the Lodge commences trial of working the Symbolic Italian Rite in English translation.

July 2002  - the Lodge moves meeting place to Illingworth Masonic Hall, Goodwood.
flag16 August 1999  - the flag of Italy was dedicated for use and display in the Lodge by the VW Grand Chaplain, who then handed the unfurled flag to the W Master who is responsible for its safe-keeping.

Members assembled in the East following the Ceremony.  Afterwards a celebratory dinner was held at the premises of one of the brethren.

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