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Cedars of Lebanon in January 1919, on Mount Lebanon:

Here are two scans of b/w photos.  The photographer was apparently a Trooper H G Miell of the Australian 9th Light Horse Regiment. These photographs were found in the year 2000 in a paperback book (seemingly employed as as bookmarks) on the streetstall of a second hand book dealer.  Trooper Miell became a Freemason in South Australia in the 1920's and his last record at the Grand Lodge is in the mid 1950's. Snow can be seen on the ground, and perhaps some idea of the height of the trees might be gained from examination of the small foreground figures in one of the photos. This grove of cedars still exists on the slopes of Mount Lebanon and was said in 1919 to be the last remaining such grove. 

note tiny foreground figures of Australian troops in front of the cedars, January 1919

The origin of the name Cedar is somewhat doubtful; it is probably a Semitic word allied to the Arabic "kedre," meaning "power."  The most striking characters of the Lebanon Cedar are the numerous large and wide-spreading horizontal branches and the broad and flattened summit of the full-grown tree.

Australian troops in the snows of Mount Lebanon, overlooking the cedar grove, January 1919

The mountain is covered with snow during a great part of the year.  About 400 of these majestic trees still stand at the foot of Jebel Makmal (123 km from Beirut), at an altitude of about 6300 ft. The age of these Cedar trees ranges between 200 and 1500 years. The largest is about 82 feet in height and 40 ft. in circumference.  The Cedar tree has become the national symbol of Lebanon and is represented in the centre of the country's flag. 

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Darley, T. H. (Thomas Henry) .  With the Ninth Light Horse in the Great War. (Adelaide : Hassell Press, 1924)

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