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Leonardo da Vinci Lodge

No. 238 in the Register of the Grand Lodge of 
South Australia and the Northern Territory

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The Lodge meets as follows:Proportional Study of Man in
                the Manner of Vitruvius - drawing by Leonardo da Vinci

January - October : Third Thursday, 7.00pm

November (Installation): Fourth Friday 6.00pm

         NB - no meeting in December

We meet at:
Illingworth Masonic Hall, 
17 Hampton Street South, 
GOODWOOD, South Australia

Further information about the Lodge and its Badge: 

Leonardo da Vinci Lodge No.238  opened on 22 November 1997 in the presence of two Grand  Masters - the MW Grand Masters of South Australia and Italy (GOI).  W Bro Dario Priori was foundation Master.  He was succeeded by W Bro Tony Salerno who served as Master for two years.  W Bro Ken Simpson is the current Master.

One of the aims of the Lodge is to celebrate Italian life and culture.  We attempt to do this inside the Lodge and in various social activities.  We welcome visitors, and enquiries for membership. 

The Lodge is named for the great Italian, Leonardo da Vinci ; his drawing Proportional Study of Man in the Manner of Vitruvius was made about 1487 as an illustration for a book about the famous first century BC Roman architect, Marcus Vitruvius Pollio. The drawing depicts a "man of perfect symmetry" as described by the architect (Leonardo's original is in the Galleries of the Accademia in Venice), and forms the basis of our Lodge Badge depicted at top left and on the Warrant from the Grand Lodge of South Australia & Northern Territory.

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