Mark "Dough Boy" Wheatley is the founder of our company, and it is from him that the passion for all things LS1 Stems. He has owned many of them, starting off with a VTR8 in 1999, through to his current ride, a VXGTS.

None of these cars have remained too standard either, with substantial modifications to two vehicles in particular - a Supercharged VU SS Ute, and a modified cylinder head an camshaft equipped GTS - being the pride of the fleet. He is also our own inhouse component durability tester.

Coming from a dedicated tuning background, Street Tuner was one of the first to 'crack' the LS1 hex code, and was able to modify the PCM in his own VXSS (real time)...before LS1 Edit was even developed. 109mph down the 1/4 for a bolt on, stock engine, car, in its day was something else.

Now ST spends most of his time specialising in forced induction tuning, a hobby fostered on a decade of tuning both highly supercharged and turbocharged engines alike. Here Tuner can be seen in the pits of a Japanese Touring car round...where...of course...he did some tuning.