Devon Flag Bumper Stickers
Devon Flag bumper stickers are available for only 1.50 each (or A$3.75) plus postage

Orders for 3 or more are postage free in the UK and Australia. If you want to order only 1 or 2 please add the cost of local postage within each of these territories, and the cost of international delivery if you live elsewhere.  Deliveries should take no more than a week.

You can purchase your Devon Flag bumper stickers the following way.

Step 1          email your order (hit the button), stating how
                   many bumper stickers you want, and your address

Step 2          send your cheque or postal order to the following addresses

    UK/Ire       R J Turner,  53 Old Street
                      Clevedon,  North Somerset   BS21 6BT
                      (please make cheques/PO's payable in to 'R J Turner')

    Aust/NZ    Dewnansek Pty Ltd, PO Box 89
                       Belair, South Australia, 5052
                       (please make cheques payable in A$ to 'Dewnansek P/L')

    Elsewhere   Please leave your email address and we will contact you

You can also buy your bumper stickers 'in person' from outlets such as the Ashburton Information Centre, Ashburton, DEVON
Following the release of the Devon Flag, you can now get your own Devon Flag Bumper Sticker.

A limited number of high quality screenprint bumper stickers have been produced. 

They are generously proportioned at 12 cm by 10 cm (4.75 inches by 4 inches approx) and have a high gloss finish.

The design is shown below.

!!! - Devon Flag screensaver

You can have a snazzy Devon Flag screensaver on your PC.

How??  Its easy.

Firstly save an image of the Devon Flag (or Devon Flag Bumper Sticker) from this website onto your own PC. Please remember where you save it.

Then go to your system settings and select '"display" and then "screensaver".
Once there select "3D Flying Objects" and hit the "settings" button.
In the "style" box select "textured flag".  Then hit the "texture" button and locate and select your saved image (see above) - you may have to browse.

And that should be it - configure to your own taste.

(Mac Users - sorry you'll have to work it out yourselves)

There are other Devon Flag products available as well, such as this car window sticker.  These can be obtained for 2.00 (plus postage) from outlets such as Shipmates, 2 Newcomen Road, Dartmouth, Devon. (