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The full version of MagIndex is  available post free within Australia for $47 (Australian).    For overseas customers, please contact the authors.

This price includes the program and data files for

the articles and reviews published in the Australian Model Railway Magazine from issue 1 to current

the Byways of Steam and Diesel Scene books (one still in progress)

the Australian Journal of Railway Modelling (formerly Branchline Modeller) from issue 1 to current 


the ARHS publication The Bulletin from Issue 1 onwards (this file utilises earlier indexing work by Howard Quinlan)


the Railway News published by the NSW School Railway Clubs Association


the Modelling the Railways of NSW Convention notes (some only)


the Modelling the Railways of SA Convention notes (all)

the Australian Detail Railway Photos web site & CD ROMs

Also included is:

a small booklet which covers the operation of MagIndex.

a tutorial which will take you on a step by step journey through  MagIndex

The price includes free e-mailed data updates for an approximate six month period after the initial purchase (3 issues of the AMRM magazine plus any others in that time span)

Because the Tax Man considers MagIndex part of my hobby, GST is not payable on the purchase (nor can I claim a refund of the GST on my inputs).  Being a hobby, and not a business, I do not have access to credit facilities.  Payment can therefore only be by cheque or money order.

Cheques and money orders should be made payable to A.J. Soar.

Orders should be directed to:

A.J. Soar

31 Gregory Street

Brahma Lodge, South Australia 5109

As the user name appears on the opening screen of the program, please provide your name (as you wish it to appear) in a legible fashion.  Also, please provide your postal address in a legible fashion if you wish to receive what you pay for!






An evaluation version of MagIndex is available free of charge via e-mail.  The evaluation version will only display the articles from the AMRM, and then only a shortened version of that file. It does, however, give a good overview of the program operation.

The evaluation version can also be provided on diskette, but a charge of $5 Australian must be made for this. 

Please note that the evaluation version is of the earlier version of MagIndex (the file size is MUCH MUCH smaller - the advantages of the older Windows versions!) and therefore does NOT include some of the functions of the new version described herein.

If you would like to receive an evaluation copy then just  e-mail us with a request.








Registered users of the FULL VERSION of MagIndex are entitled to approximately six months (3 issues of the AMRM magazine plus any others issued in that time period) of free data updates sent via e-mail.

After the initial six month period a charge of $5 (Australian) is made for a further two year update period.

Upon request, data updates are also available on diskette. A $5 charge is made for each mailout.

Currently there is no GST applied.  The Tax Man regards my efforts as part of my hobby, no GST applies and I can obtain no GST credit for my inputs.  Should, however, this situation alter then a GST charge may have to be applied.

For the e-mailed updates, data is available in two formats:

As zipped (*.zip format) versions of the complete data file(s).  This option requires that the user has suitable software to unzip the files.  The unzipped files replace the previously issued data file(s). 

As self extracting zip files (*.exe format) containing the complete data file(s).  When this program is run the files are automatically unzipped and placed in the MagIndex folder, replacing the superseded data files.  The disadvantage of this system is the need to run a program received over the net, with the danger (small as it may be) that a computer virus could sneak through.





For any further information, or to obtain a FREE evaluation version via e-mail, contact us at:

(Sorry - in an attempt to slow spam the above is a photo image and not a link - you will have to type in the address)

or write to:

A.J. Soar

31 Gregory Street

Brahma Lodge, South Australia, 5109