A Comprehensive Magazine Index Program

covering Australian Model and Prototype Railways. Users can add their own (non- railway or railway) magazine or other indices. 



Please Note The Opening Page, Search Page and Edit Page are snapshot views of actual screens from MagIndex. These may take a little time to initially load.  Please be patient; we trust that you will be amply rewarded.

Also, on those pages you will note the mouse pointer change as you move it over the screen picture. Clicking on a point of interest will open a description of that item.

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Whilst the fore-runner to MagIndex was initially developed to provide an index only to the Articles and Reviews published in the Australian Model Railway Magazine (AMRM), MagIndex has the potential to provide an index to any magazine, book, journal etc, as well as other items (eg a record collection).

Currently data files are provided for:

Articles and Reviews in the AMRM (all issues)

Byways of Steam published by Eveleigh Press (all volumes)

Diesel Scene volumes published by Eveleigh Press (all volumes)

Australian Journal of Railway Modelling (AJRM - formerly Branchline Modeller) (all issues)

The ARHS publication 'The Bulletin' (all issues)

The NSW School Railway Clubs Assn publication 'The Railway News' (most issues)

Some only of the Modelling the Railways of NSW Convention notes

Modelling the Railways of SA Convention notes (all).

Australian Detail Railway photos (to current)

MagIndex has the capability to allow users to prepare and use (and to pass on to others if they so desire) their own index files.

MagIndex requires a 32 bit version of Windows to operate, eg Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000 or XP and comes as standard on a CD ROM.  An earlier version (and the evaluation version) is available upon specific request which will run under Windows 3, 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups, but  will perform best under Windows 95 and Windows 98.  This earlier version is available on diskette.

MagIndex is best run with a minimum screen resolution of 800 by 600 pixels.

A comprehensive tutorial covering is included with the FULL version.   This tutorial uses your web browser (in an off-line mode) to take you on a step by step journey through many of the facilities within MagIndex. 




This Site

Included in this site are snapshots of three of the screens used within MagIndex.  These are:

the Opening Page.  This is the page which greets the user and provides basic copyright information.  The Registered User's name is also displayed.

the Search Page.  This is the main MagIndex page which allows users to enter search data, and then find any matching information in the data files. 

the Edit Page. This page allows users to edit the existing data files or to create their own data files. 

For each of these snapshots background text explanations are provided for most areas of interest.  Point your mouse over the various sections of the pictured screen and, when the pointer changes, left 'click' your mouse to reveal the text. 

the MagIndex Home Page (this page). This page gives an overview of the site plus links to the other pages.

The Price & Order Information Page. This page gives:

price and ordering information for the FULL VERSION of MagIndex

information on obtaining a free (via e-mail) working EVALUATION version of the program. The version provided is the earlier version

information about data updates

information about how to contact us.

These two pages have a table of contents (On This Page) near the top of the page.  'Clicking' on any entry in those lists will skip down the page to the item of interest.

the Links Page This page provides a few possibly useful links to other sites.

Apart  from the navigation buttons at the top of this page, other navigation 'buttons' are provided throughout the site.  These are:

'Clicking this 'button' will return you to this, the MagIndex home page

'Clicking' this button will return you to the top of the current page.

'Clicking' this button will return you to the top of the contents list for the current page.

This button appears on the descriptive pages for the screen snapshots. 'Clicking' this button will return you from the description to the snapshot screen.  'Clicking' the Back Arrow on the Browser toolbar has the same effect.



Evaluation Version

A working EVALUATION VERSION of MagIndex is available free via e-mail. 

The evaluation version is based on the original version of MagIndex  and is limited in its operation in that it will access only a reduced selection of the AMRM articles and does not have some of the advanced features of the newer version, but retains most of the functionality of the original full version.

If you would like to have some hands on experience,  go to the Price & Order Info. Page and e-mail your details to us.








Full Version Data Updates

With the FULL VERSION of MagIndex, the data files supplied with the program may be updated by any one of three methods:

Users can browse through the magazines as they come to hand and type in their own updating material.

 We make available (at a cost) as each new magazine becomes available zipped versions of the completely  updated files (in a *.zip format) which the user may unzip into his or her MagIndex folder. This option requires that the user have access to a program capable of unzipping the file.

Alternatively we make available (at a cost) as each new magazine becomes available completely  updated self extracting zip files (*.exe format).  When this program is run the updated data files are automatically unzipped and placed in the users MagIndex folder.  This is probably the easiest method from a user's point of view, but does require that the user run an executable file received via e-mail, and may not be available to anyone who uses a workplace email system to obtain the downloads (the corporate firewall may reject the exe file).

Currently such updates are provided FREE for approximately the first six months after the purchase of the FULL VERSION of MagIndex (three issues of the AMRM). Thereafter a small charge is made for an extension of the service (see Price & Order Info., Data Updates.).  



Two reviews of the program have been published which may be of interest:

page 42 of the April 2000 AMRM.  This review was prepared by John Parker and refers to the earlier version AMRMINDX - AMRMWNDX.  The review is, however, still relevant.

a review by Allan Brown in the on-line model magazine 

 Australian Model Rail-zine.

The  review may be found under heading 7. Software in the contents listing on that home page.

Also an article by David Rayson entitled  'I Know I've Got That Information Here Somewhere or, MagIndex - A Tool for Modeller's Information' was published in the February 2003 AMRM magazine (p40) and is worth a look.